Securing Secrets in Azure DevOps

In this short book, learn all there is to know about storing your application secrets such as connection strings and API keys in a secure manner when using Azure DevOps.

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About this book
Azure DevOps – Microsoft’s continuous integration and development application – allows you to build your applications in the cloud. But where and how can you store your application’s secrets, so that you can access them as environment variables in your build pipelines?

In this book, we’ll take you through the various options available to you, including:
– Storing secrets using DevOps’ built-in secret management
– Integrating with Azure, and using Key Vault to manage secrets
– Using variable groups to make secrets only available to certain stages within your release pipeline

Note that this book requires a basic understanding of using Azure DevOps.

Securing Secrets in Azure DevOps is an independent publication and is neither affiliated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or approved by, Microsoft Corporation.