Microsoft Teams Premium now available

Microsoft this week announced that the new Microsoft Teams Premium license is now generally available for customers around the world. Teams Premium adds a number of features focused primarily around making Teams more personalised and intelligent. That includes: Microsoft also added the ability to setup virtual appointments with ease for Teams Premium customers. “Whether you’re … Read more

Connect Twitter to Microsoft Teams

Looking for an easy way to integrate Twitter with Microsoft Teams? In this article, we’ll look at some options now that Microsoft has removed the Twitter connector. Power Automate (Free tier, 1st party) If you’re looking for a way to integrate Twitter without paying for a third-party tool and you’ve already got a Power Automate … Read more

Best Microsoft Teams vacation calendar

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Are you looking for an easy way to share your teams vacation calendar on Microsoft Teams? We’ve rounded up the best ways to do this for you. Microsoft Shifts (free) If you’re using a licensed version of Microsoft Teams (and not the free personal edition) then you’ll have access to Microsoft’s rostering app called Shifts. … Read more