RemindMe Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the RemindMe app for Microsoft Teams.


In short, we won’t sell or give away your information to third parties and we’ll do our best to protect it.

Collection & Use Of Information

We collect as little information as possible to run this service. The following is a list of the information we collect:

  • Reminder (deleted once a scheduled reminder has been sent)
    • Time to send reminder
    • Timezone for reminder (specified when you create the reminder)
    • Fully qualified URI to message so that you can open the scheduled message directly
    • The name of the person who wrote the message you’re setting a reminder about, to add context around what message you’re being reminder about
    • Service URI so that we can send the reminder notification to your personal Teams channel
    • Tenant ID so that we can enable premium experiences in future for entire tenants, also used as an identifier
  • AccountConversation
    • Tenant ID (used for tenant-wide functionality)
    • Conversation ID (used for sending messages to your private channel)
    • Account ID (used to identify conversations for your account)

Your information will never be on-sold to third parties for the purposes of advertising or data analytics. It also won’t be used to identify you or your tenant publicly unless we have your explicit permission to do so.

User data storage

We use Microsoft Azure for all hosting. Our primary region is US East 2 zone, but data may be transmitted or cached by the Teams app itself in other regions and zones. This is subject to change, and any updates will be posted here.

User data retention

Data is retained as required as per the above section “Collection & Use Of Information”.


For data not deleted automatically or via the service (eg. AccountConversation) you can request we delete it by emailing [email protected]

Security controls

All production data stores are accessible only by limited authorised employees of The Cloud Hub. Where possible, data is encrypted and securely stored in Azure.

Microsoft Bot Framework

Our RemindMe app is enabled by Microsoft Bot Framework. The Microsoft Bot Framework is a set of web-services that enable intelligent services and connections using conversation channels you authorize. As a service provider, Microsoft will transmit content you provide to our bot/service in order to enable the service.

For more information about Microsoft privacy policies please see their privacy statement here:

In addition, your interactions with this bot/service are also subject to the conversational channel’s applicable terms of use, privacy and data collection policies.

To report abuse when using a bot that uses the Microsoft Bot Framework to Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft Bot Framework website at and use the “Report Abuse” link in the menu to contact Microsoft.