Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro introduced

Microsoft has announced a series of changes for those using Microsoft Teams Rooms, including the addition of a new “Pro” plan. The Pro plan offers a number of benefits over the free “Basic” plan, including: Camera & audio AI enhancements to ensure an optimal experience for those dialling in to hybrid meetings. Includes features to … Read more

Microsoft announces Teams App Camp

Microsoft 365 Developer Blog: Teams App Camp is an on-demand workshop complete with videos and hands-on labs in which you’ll extend a simple web application to become a full-featured Microsoft Teams application, complete with a sample license service based on Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace. It doesn’t assume any prior Microsoft knowledge. All the code is in … Read more

How to add a timer to Microsoft Teams meetings

clear glass with red sand grainer

Looking for a way to see how much time is left in your Microsoft Teams meetings? Read on to find out how you can easily see the time remaining using these Teams apps. Read Meeting Navigator This app is a game-changer for ensuring you’re running a successful and well-engaged meeting. The in-meeting sidebar app shows … Read more