Getting started with Bicep for Azure

Automate your Azure infrastructure with Bicep

Harness the power of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and learn how Azure Bicep can save you time and money

  • This course is ideal for anyone new to Bicep, or who is just getting started
  • Covers key concepts including infrastructure as code, describing your Azure resources in Bicep files and deploying them to Azure
  • Includes sample templates so you can follow along with the course videos

This course is an independent publication and is neither affiliated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or approved by, Microsoft Corporation.

Improve the way you deploy Azure assets

By using Bicep, you can stop using the Azure portal and automate the creation of your Azure resources – saving you time and money.

  • Avoid environment drift – settings and configuration is always in sync
  • Keep a record of changes made to Azure settings
  • Quickly add new resources to Azure in multiple environments
  • Describe your Azure infrastructure in Bicep files, making it easy for anyone to understand & re-use

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Course outline

1. Introduction to Infrastructure as Code

2. What is Bicep?

3. Benefits of Bicep

4. Setting up your Bicep development environment

5. Create your first Bicep template

6. Deploying your first Bicep template

7. Parameters, variables & outputs

8. Expressions & functions

9. Loops and if conditions

10. Converting ARM templates to Bicep

11. Build ARM templates from Bicep files

12. Modularising ARM templates with Bicep

13. Conclusion & what’s next?

+ tutorial sample code to follow along

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