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  • Setup Azure DevOps organisational portfolio dashboards

    Setup Azure DevOps organisational portfolio dashboards

    Looking to setup Azure DevOps organisational dashboards? This is harder than it probably should be today. At present there’s no notion of cross-project widgets or organisational status views. There is a user feedback request, but it has been ‘under consideration’ for years. In leu of that, here are some options for getting a view of […]

  • How to fix Azure MissingSubscriptionRegistration error

    How to fix Azure MissingSubscriptionRegistration error

    Are you trying to deploy an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template and getting the error MissingSubscriptionRegistration?

  • Getting started with Azure Bicep

    Getting started with Azure Bicep

    Bicep is a new language from Microsoft that allows you to easily specify your Azure infrastructure as code. It’s an improvement on writing Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates directly by better supporting features such as type safety and code modularity and reuse. That said, Bicep still has a very close relationship with ARM templates. In […]

  • How to fix Azure DevOps library group permission errors

    Are you trying to edit a variable group in an Azure DevOps Library, and getting the error “you do not have permission to create a variable group within library“? Continue on to find out how to rectify this issue. The problem Variable groups within Azure DevOps can have different permissions to your project settings. This […]

  • Azure DevOps system variables now read-only

    Azure DevOps provides a number of predefined system variables out of the box on hosted build agents. While these have officially always been read-only, informally you’ve previously been able to change the value of a predefined system variable by overwriting it in a pipeline task. However, as of the January 28 2020 DevOps release this […]

  • How to retry a failed stage in Azure DevOps

    One of the biggest limitations of Azure DevOps has until now been the fact that you can’t retry an individual stage or step in a pipeline if it fails. Instead, you’d have to retry the entire pipeline again and hope that the failed stage passes. As of September 2019, in most cases you can now […]