Microsoft has today revealed that Yammer is now being rebranded to Viva Engage.

After being acquired by Microsoft back in 2012 the Yammer brand will soon be retired in favour of with Microsoft’s new Viva branding, with the changes set to roll out in the coming months.

Last year Microsoft announced that the Yammer communities app for Microsoft Teams would be renamed Viva communities. That announcement led to some confusion about the difference between Viva and Yammer. At the time, Microsoft remained adamant that the two brands did have a future and could co-exist however it was clear that many outside the company were confused by the decision.

Today the company says it’s heard that feedback, and moving forward Yammer branding will cease.

“We are excited that this change will unify Viva Engage across web, mobile, Teams, Outlook and other experiences. This change is a direct result of the feedback we’ve heard from you, our customers, and it will help us deliver an integrated experience and a single Viva Engage platform across apps and endpoints—wherever you choose to engage,” Murali Sitaram wrote on the Yammer blog today.

The Yammer mobile apps will be updated shortly to be called Viva Engage, as will other apps and integrations across Microsoft’s various services including Outlook and Teams.

Microsoft says that the branding changes won’t impact the licensing or pricing of SKUs that currently promote Yammer, with existing functionality to remain available under the Viva Engage brand.

“This evolution makes way for new Viva capabilities powered by Viva Engage and will streamline features, resources, training, documentation, and support for customers,” Microsoft says.