Microsoft this week announced that the new Microsoft Teams Premium license is now generally available for customers around the world.

Teams Premium adds a number of features focused primarily around making Teams more personalised and intelligent. That includes:

  • Intelligent recap - an AI driven feature that automatically creates meeting notes, recommendations, tasks and highlights from meetings

  • AI generated chapters - so you can easily skip to the part of the meeting you’re interested in

  • Personalised time markers - see when you joined or left a call so you can catch up on what you missed

  • Live translations for captions

  • Organisation backgrounds and together mode scenes

  • Custom user policy packages, allowing IT admins to create a custom set of policies that can be applied to licensed users

  • End-to-end encryption, watermarking and limiting who can start a meeting recording

Microsoft also added the ability to setup virtual appointments with ease for Teams Premium customers.

“Whether you’re providing mortgage advice, conducting a health visit, or selling to customers, connecting virtually with customers has become a necessity. Now, organizations see the continued opportunity to engage and reach customers conveniently from any location,” Microsoft Nicole Herskowitz, Vice President, Microsoft Teams wrote.

“With Teams Premium, it’s now easy to connect with customers and manage the end-to-end customer experience with Virtual Appointments in Teams, saving you time and money on additional add-on or point solutions. You can delight customers with a seamless join experience that allows external attendees to join virtual, branded lobby rooms through text messages or email on any device browser—without them having to download an app.”

Some of the intelligent recap features will ship later this year and be powered by GPT-3.5, including meeting notes and task creation. Branded meetings that allow you to customise the logo and colours seen when joining a meeting will also be added later this February.

For a limited time and for eligible customers, Microsoft is also offering a 30% off the standard $10USD pricing.