Microsoft rebrands Yammer to Viva Engage

Microsoft has today revealed that Yammer is now being rebranded to Viva Engage. After being acquired by Microsoft back in 2012 the Yammer brand will soon be retired in favour of with Microsoft’s new Viva branding, with the changes set to roll out in the coming months. Last year Microsoft announced that the Yammer communities … Read more

How to migrate from ARM templates to Bicep

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Looking to move from writing your Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates in JSON to Bicep? The good news is Microsoft have provided some tooling to make it relatively straightforward too migrate. 1. Run the Bicep command line interface (CLI) decompile command Before getting started with Bicep, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got the … Read more

Microsoft Teams Premium now available

Microsoft this week announced that the new Microsoft Teams Premium license is now generally available for customers around the world. Teams Premium adds a number of features focused primarily around making Teams more personalised and intelligent. That includes: Microsoft also added the ability to setup virtual appointments with ease for Teams Premium customers. “Whether you’re … Read more