Hacker News:

We will be retiring the Microsoft Teams desktop client on Linux in 90 days (early December).

We hear from you that you want the full richness of Microsoft Teams features on Linux such as background effects, reactions, gallery view, etc. We found the best way to act on this is to offer a Teams progressive web app (PWA) on Linux as a new feature of our current web client, which we’ll make available to our Linux customers in the coming months.

It doesn’t appear that this announcement has been made widely available by Microsoft yet. We haven’t received this message in the admin message centre within any of our Office 365 tenants.

Microsoft dropping the Linux app (powered via Electron) signals the end of a short life for the Linux client. It was the last desktop client to launch, after being made available as a public preview in 2019.

The company is going all-in on progressive web apps these days - even on Windows - so this isn’t the most surprising of decisions. The Windows Teams client is also moving away from Electron and will soon use Edge WebView2 on Windows - something not presently available on Linux.