Microsoft 365 Developer Blog:

Teams App Camp is an on-demand workshop complete with videos and hands-on labs in which you’ll extend a simple web application to become a full-featured Microsoft Teams application, complete with a sample license service based on Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace. It doesn’t assume any prior Microsoft knowledge. All the code is in vanilla JavaScript with no special tools. If you know JavaScript, you can learn how Teams apps work at their core and apply your learning to any environment and tool chain

As Microsoft continues to pursue app developers for the Teams App Marketplace, it’s great to see the company roll out more training modules to lower the barrier to entry. This latest initiative covers the basics of building a Teams app, and the various integration points available to developers.

With sessions broken down into labs and ’extended’ labs, the App Camp documentation also goes into detail around monetising Teams apps, adding dialogs, meeting apps and more. There are two paths - A & B. A focuses on building a solution with Azure AD, and B builds a solution with a non-Azure AD identity solution.

Also worth noting that Microsoft is using the open source Material for MkDocs to host the App Camp documentation.