How to add a timer to Microsoft Teams meetings




Looking for a way to see how much time is left in your Microsoft Teams meetings? Read on to find out how you can easily see the time remaining using these Teams apps.

Read Meeting Navigator

This app is a game-changer for ensuring you’re running a successful and well-engaged meeting.

The in-meeting sidebar app shows the time remaining within the meeting, as well as giving you numerous statistics about engagement and time spoken.

It even boasts a transcription service, allowing you to read & share transcripts from your meetings if you’re unhappy with Microsoft’s transcription capabilities.


This app allows you to easily prepare for meetings, run meetings and then follow up on meeting outcomes post-event.

When it comes to running timers, rather than show one timer with the time remaining in the entire meeting you can start timers against each topic of your meeting agenda.


Need to show a countdown timer highlighting the time remaining before your meeting commences? Then this app is for you.

You can customise backgrounds, text, animations and more – meaning your employees or other team members won’t be bored while waiting for your live event to commence.

Seen any other apps for meeting countdown timers, or have a different way of tracking the time remaining within Teams meetings? Let us know in the comments.